Teaching your dog to come to you doesn’t have to be a chore. When your dog is busy doing something in the house, hide somewhere and call her!  When she comes to you, make it like a party and give her a treat! If you do this three or four times a day, you will be setting the groundwork for a really strong recall. 🙂


Because dogs don’t generalize well, you will need to teach her recall in your back yard and front yard too! If you have a fenced in yard, go outside with her. Wait until she is a few feet away from you and then call her in a happy voice! There are a lot of interesting sights and smells in your yard, so you may have to jump up a little or act silly to draw her attention to you.  Even if she goes slowly and gets distracted along the way, when she finally does come to you, reward her with a treat! It is very important that your dog knows she will never get in trouble for coming back to you. Do this once a day and she will start getting the hang of it quickly. In your front yard, you can use a long leash to keep her safe and do the same game as the backyard.

When you are teaching your dog something new, remember to keep it fun! As your dog learns the recall game, she will start coming back to you quicker and quicker!