Getting to Know Little Bear

Little Bear is a dog that was pulled from a shelter by Teacher’s Pet. He has some jumpy/mouthy actions that we really need to help him with before he can be put up for adoption. When he does this, it is not aggressive at all although it may look that way if you have never encountered a mouthy dog.

Right now, we are trying to figure out why he occasionally jumps up and grabs you with his mouth. Is it to get your attention? Is he over-stimulated? Is he bored? Once we can figure out the “why,” we can help him learn a new behavior instead that isn’t so annoying.

In the meantime, we are building a great bond by learning new things together! He already knows how to sit, focus (look directly into your eyes for an extended period of time) and spin. By using reward based training techniques, I can gain his trust and help him use his mind.

Baby Steps

Yesterday, Little Bear went for his first ride in my car without a crate. I wasn’t sure what to expect- would he be jumping around from the front to the back? Would he bark at all the cars going by?

He was a little nervous to get in the back seat, so Ben (who works at Shore’s Kennel) lifted him up and put him in the front. As we drove away, he was shaking a little but soon started enjoying sitting with me in the passenger seat. I did occasionally reward him as we were driving with tasty treats to let him know that he was doing a great job. He will be traveling with me a lot when he starts the Teacher’s Pet program, so I am really happy that he had a good first ride.