Focus-dog training

Getting your dog to look at you when you call their name is a great first step in building your relationship with them. This can be done in a very easy way!

Step 1. Take a treat and hold it to your dog’s nose and then bring the treat up to your nose. As you are bringing the treat up, say their name. The second your dog makes eye contact with you say “yes!” and give them the treat. Do this about ten times and take a break.

Training never needs to be a long, drawn out process. While you are waiting for a hot pocket to cook in the microwave is a great time for a three minute training session with your dog! Always make it fun and always take breaks.

After a few days of doing this in short bursts of training, your dog will start looking into your eyes when you say her name!

You have accomplished two things when you train focus. You teach your dog to look at you when you say their name and you have taught them that the word “YES” means that they did something right and they will be rewarded for it. It is a marker word. You can teach them many new things by starting with the building block of focus.

training dogs to focus