It is Spring! The flowers are blooming, the weather is beautiful and your dog has started digging holes in your yard! What can you do to help your dog find a more appropriate thing to do?

Dogs dig for many reasons. A dog may start digging because he is bored or it is possible he may be trying to find a spot to get cool. Some dogs like to bury their toys and bones. They also may like to hunt and start digging around in the ground because they smell something.

If your dog is digging for one of the reasons mentioned, here is a tip that may help you keep a nice flower bed this year!

Instead of constantly yelling at your dog to get out of the garden, make a special place for him in the yard where he is allowed to dig. J This will make both of you very happy.

To do this, you will need to purchase a small kiddie pool. You can find them at Meijer, Target or any place where summer toys are found. Once you have the pool, you can pick a place for it in your yard. Please make sure to choose a spot that gets some shade during the day. Then fill it with dirt or sand or maybe a mix of the two.

After the pool is filled, bring your dog out on a leash and let him explore the pool. While he is watching you, bury a milk bone or another favorite treat very shallow in the dirt. As soon as he starts digging for it, reward him with praise! He will know you approve of what he is doing and he also gets a treat for it!!

training dogs not to dig holes

When he starts digging somewhere else, redirect him to the pool and reward him for digging there. It is also a good idea to hide treats and toys in the pool on a regular basis so he has new and interesting things to find!

Soon, your dog will be digging in one specific place instead of all over the yard. He will also have a cool place to lay as it gets warmer out!